Senanayaka Lanka Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd


Senanayake Lanka Oil Mills was established in 2014 in a coconut growing village called Horawadunna in Kurunagala District, as an organically certified Organic virgin coconut oil manufacturer and exporter from Sri Lanka.

The village of Horawadunna is situated in a leading coconut producing region called "the Coconut Triangle" of Sri Lanka where the green belt of lush coconut plantations thrived for over two centuries.

Coconut Triangle

Largest coconut plantations in Sri Lanka are located in the Coconut Triangle lying between the cities of Puttalum , Kurunegala , Gampaha and Colombo. Nestled in picturesque, sun drenched gardens of coconut palms in the village of Horawadunna in Kurunagala District is the site for our coconut oil processing mill.

Walk through the gardens surrounding the oil mill is likes stepping back in time, when coconuts were hand plucked in much the same way they are today. Small holder community supplying coconuts for processing in our production facility takes year round care allowing the nuts to reach optimal size and maturity just before harvesting.

Over 45,000 coconut trees planted across over 2000 acres of beautiful green plantations, is truly a coconut paradise.

Coconut tree ( Cocos nucifera) falls in the class of palms and is cultivated in Sri Lanka by predominantly small holder farming community making it the largest economically significant crop in the island of Sri Lanka.

Coconut fruit contains a milky white inner kernel used as a food source and also processed to obtain edible coconut oil.

The strategic location manufacturing facility of our company gives an unlimited access to coconuts grown in this fertile region most suitable for growing coconut palms.

Small and medium size coconut growing farmers who practice organic cultivation methods in their plantations deliver their precious produce every morning for processing at the factory.

The company aspires to make a range of coconut based products in the future in an integrated coconut processing plant where it could cover the complete value chain from Farmer to Consumer.


Name : Senanayaka Lanka Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd
Address : Horawadunna, Elabadagama, Sri Lanka
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Tel : +94 372246164